Meet Paulette

Parent of middle school aged daughter
Anne Arundel County

When my daughter Christina told me she wanted to work in construction my first reaction was a blend of concern and pride.  Pride because I've always thought of the industry as a male dominated, and I was proud that she wasn't intimidated. However, I was concerned because in these difficult financial times I’m always hearing about how hard the construction field is being hit.  However, I've always told her to pursue her dreams.  I did my research and here’s what I learned:

  • The construction industry needs about 240,000 employees just to keep up with the demand for new roads, buildings, schools, airports, hospitals, power plants, and housing.
  • Construction is the second largest employer in the country (second only to the Federal Government). It remains consistently strong, which means good earnings.
  • Construction offers more opportunities than most other industries for individuals who want to own and run their own business.
  • There are roughly 800,000 construction companies in the US.

Armed with this information, Christina and I have already begun looking at apprenticeship programs and college degree programs across the region.  Looking back at her childhood it makes sense because as a kid Christina was constantly building towers and playing with blocks. She could be a builder, an architect, an interior designer, or an engineer.  I've really been overwhelmed by the opportunities for young people interested in the building field!