Meet Patricia

meet patriciaPatricia
Program Manager
Construction Management & Building Trades
Frederick County Community College

Take it from me – I spend most of my time advising students like you on what it means to get an education in the building trades.  Here are a few of the reasons I think a career in construction is a good choice:

1. There’s room to grow.  In my experience I have met construction industry professionals that started out as tradesmen and were able to work their way up into supervisory, management, estimating and even owner positions.

2. Demand is high.  The fact remains that the average age of a construction worker is mid-forties. To keep up with the high demand and to make up for all of the retirees, the construction industry is constantly training-up young employees.

3. You can still get your education. Community colleges in Maryland have a diverse offering of courses for either credit or continuing education. Financial aid can be found through scholarships or through workforce service offices.

4. It’s exciting. This career will provide you with a diversity of experiences.  Construction industry skills and credentials can lead someone across the state, nation, or even the world!

If you have questions, talk to your school’s guidance counselor or career counselor.  They can provide you with all of the tools you need to get started.