Meet John

Parent of high-school aged son
Wicomico County

Like all high-school parents, I want what is best for my son.  When Troy said he wanted to follow in my footsteps, I told him he had to go to college because that is how you get ahead these days.  He’s a smart kid, he can handle it.   I’ve been a carpenter for 25 years, and Troy is definitely like me in that he wants to work with his hands and not sit behind a desk.  

So, I spent my son’s junior and senior year attending college workshops sponsored by his school and attempting to learn about financial aid and all of the other processes and programs available for us.  I wasn’t sure where or who to direct him to.

I was really excited to learn two important facts:

1.There are a lot of education opportunities available for students interested in pursuing careers in construction.

2.There are several financial aid programs available to fund these degrees and certificate programs.

My recommendation for any parent interested in learning more about options for education and financial aid is to first schedule a meeting with the schools’ college counselor and to also utilize the MCCEI website. In particular, the education and training map, help to identify degree and certificate programs in your area.   Today, I’m happy to report that Troy is doing great at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, enrolled in the B.S. in Construction Management Technology program.