Meet Joe

meet joeJoe Gilbert
High School Teacher
Baltimore County

Be a Leader

Many of todays best Project Managers and Vice Presidents completed an apprenticeship program.  Managers who can “talk-the-talk” regarding their trade will easily earn the respect of their employees.  I know several top licensed engineers who first served as an apprentice. The Program Mangers and Vice Presidents I know are truly experts in their field.

The Industry Advantage

The construction industry is a very large industry with many spin off jobs, professions and support industries. The greatest benefit the construction industry offers is employment mobility. A skilled tradesman can often gain employment in a related field.   For example, if work for an electrician is slow, his skill set will enable him to work in an electrical supply house.  Or, if a concrete refinisher is unemployed in the winter, his skill set can often help him gain employment in the tile setting industry.  Students with a solid understanding of the “bricks and sticks” portion of the building process go on to schools of Architecture, Engineering, and Interior Design.

For those who apply themselves there are many opportunities!

I have known plumbers who make over $100k per year and have never cleaned out a toilet. Not all plumbers and construction workers get dirty; the industry is not what it used to be!