MCCEI Mission

MCCEI is an industry-led workforce intermediary that was established to create a world-class education system for Maryland's built environment.


In December 2012, MCCEI released The Critical Path report, an industry-led study that highlights  the issues Maryland’s built environment is facing from a business planning, workforce readiness and emerging technologies standpoint. The study produced a set of strategies for Maryland's construction stakeholders, state policymakers, Maryland State Department of Education, community colleges and universities to better align the state's  education offerings with the needs of the construction industry.


As a follow up to The Critical Path, MCCEI began a series of workshops called Industry Advisory Panels (IAPs) in mid-2013. The purpose of the IAPs was to begin working on the issue of aligning education programs with future industry needs and find out specifically where industry needs to better align with education programs and curriculum. 

In the findings of The Critical Path, industry collectively said, "We need improvements in high school math and science." Digging Deeper answers the question, "What kinds of math and science?" The Critical Path said, "We need college graduates with field experience." Digging Deeper answers the question, "How much?"


Build Your Path, the MCCEI built environment career resource guide sponsored by The Baltimore Building Congress & Exchange Foundation, hit the streets in March of 2015. It is a guidebook that promotes different careers in trades, design, management and related professions. Build Your Path was put together on suggestions from several high schools guidance counselors and outlines pathways for those with college and career ambitions. We emphasize that these pathways are neither linear nor mutually exclusive throughout the publication. A directory of Maryland apprenticeships, community colleges, and four year schools is included as well.