Since the release of The Critical Path report, MCCEI President Bob Aydukovic has been a guest speaker on radio programs that focus on construction and workforce development. Listen below for Bob's interviews.

Maryland Construction Network 

The Maryland Construction Network (MCN) is your one stop source for construction industry news and information.  MCN provides innovative education and information, premier networking and marketing opportunities, and preferred industry resources.  Providing exemplary products and services, designed by seasoned industry professionals, the Maryland Construction Network (MCN) is an affordable and forward-thinking organization.  MCN is in-step and in-touch with the needs of the construction industry. (Courtesy of Maryland Construction Network)

 md construction network

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The Workforce Show

Cynthia Gurne, President and Founder of The Workforce Show has over twenty-five years of career development, executive search, and employment experience in the public, private, and not for profit sectors. She has been director of Professional and Career Development, director of Career Development, and senior consultant. (Courtesy of Career Central Online)


the workforce show

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