EARN Maryland


Approved during Maryland’s 2013 General Assembly, EARN is a first-of-its-kind state skills training and economic development initiative that is business-led, flexible and collaborative. EARN Maryland is designed to ensure that Maryland employers have the talent they need to compete and grow while providing targeted education and skills training to Maryland workers.

EARN Maryland invests in strategic industry partnerships from key economic sectors in every region. These partnerships will use the power of coordination across education, workforce and economic development initiatives to address the multiple needs of companies, starting with the training of skilled workers. Once formed, the partnerships will develop plans to train and educate workers - and place them in meaningful employment.


 MCCEI is fortunate to be a strategic industry partner/or convener on the following planning grant proposals:

BIM and Technical Training for Incumbent Workers in Construction

Employment in Maryland's construction industry is expected to grow by 8.5% in the coming year, and the projected demand for construction workers may exceed 17,000 openings, including replacement hiring for turnover by 2020. This partnership will train incumbent workers in "Building Information Modeling," a specific industry-identified skills need. Professional occupations associated with BIM integration are construction managers, architects and engineers.

MCCEI: Convener

Project JumpStart: Model Training to Meet Employer's Needs

Targeting Baltimore City and Prince George's County, this partnership tackles the industry workforce shortages noted in the Opportunity Collaborative's recently released, "Regional Talent Development Pipeline Study." Project Jumpstart will implement a pre-apprenticeship model with a strong job readiness push, meant to prepare individuals for the rigors of a trade apprenticeship. The Partnership will pursue a talent pipeline for the unemployed and other underserved populations.

MCCEI: Strategic Industry Partner

Maryland Offshore Wind Strategic Industry Partnership

The U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there will be 450,000 welding jobs available in 2014. An aging workforce, average welders are in their mid-fifties and expected to retire within the next ten years, and a growing demand for welders in the manufacturing and construction industries contributes to the tremendous need for skilled, experienced workers. The State's recently passed Offshore Wind Energy Act of 2013 will also add welding jobs. This unique Partnership seeks to create a career ladder offering training opportunities in welding from entry level to highly advanced through the shared skills need of its industry partners.

MCCEI: Strategic Industry Partner


Implementation grants will be announced by the Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation in May 2014