You don’t have to have a construction background to be in the built environment field.  Construction firms are often multi-million dollar a year enterprises that need professional staff to operate successfully.  Here are examples of other professions vital to the industry:

Accounting and Finance: Built environment companies are in charge of complex projects with equally complex financing and accounting standards.  Each project becomes its own multi-million dollar business which requires a lot of people with training and education in accounting and finance.

Administrative Support: As with any business, built environment companies need secretaries, bookkeepers and receptionists that perform crucial functions to the success of the business. 

Dispatching: Many built environment businesses have large fleets of vehicles for installation and maintenance of products.  Vehicle fleets can be on call 24-7 and dispatchers ensure proper customer care, technician staffing and vehicle maintenance.

Human Resources: Built environment companies often need to hire lots of people with the right skills to do the jobs correctly.  This is a critical element to the success of projects.

Information Technology: Probably one of the single fastest growing segments of the industry; IT professionals create internal systems and integrate mobile platforms for communications between the field and office staffs. 

Legal: With the complexities of projects, construction lawyers are in demand to work through legal issues, negotiate contracts, mediate disputes and often litigate outcomes.

Marketing and Communications: Work with construction companies to create and maintain websites and social media feeds, jobsite photography, issue press releases, coordinate advertising and assemble bid packages to secure new work. 

So before you go out looking for a job or an education pathway, consider the built environment industry…your dream job may be closer than you think.