Construction Manager

About the Job

Construction managers oversee all aspects of worksites and construction projects. They plan, coordinate, budget, and supervise all phases of construction through project completion. Construction managers may work as a general contractor or project manager.

What You’ll Do

Construction managers oversee most of the personnel working on construction sites, meaning that their role is supervisory. They develop a detailed construction schedule and coordinate with electricians, HVAC mechanics, and plumbers, among others, to ensure that projects stay on schedule and within their budgets. It is possible for large projects to encompass multiple worksites at once, in which case construction managers need to oversee the entire project. Construction managers may also work as cost estimators.

 Communication is a critical aspect of a construction manager’s job. For the duration of a project, the construction manager coordinates all meetings among owners, architects, engineers, bankers, and government officials. 

Qualities and Skills Needed

Analytical skills 

Business skills 

Communication Skills

Customer-service skills 

Decision-making skills 


Leadership skills 

Speaking skills

Technical skills 

Time-management skills 

Writing skills 

Education Required

Construction management is a unique field, in which many managers have worked their way up from trade or engineering positions, whereas others have earned a bachelor’s degree in construction management at a 4-year university. In either case, it is highly recommended for construction managers to have field experience and to understand all aspects of construction. Currently, certifications are not required, yet are becoming increasingly popular.

 When beginning this career, a budding construction manager will likely work as an assistant under an experienced manager. He or she may stay in this position for a couple of months to a few years before being promoted to management. 


The average starting salary is $65,287. With experience, they can earn up to or over $117,842.

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