The Education & Training Opportunities map is a valuable resource for the construction industry. Interested persons can search the map for opportunities located at facilities throughout the state of Maryland. To use the map, type an address in the search bar. You can adjust the distance from the address and refine your search further to look for specific training and facility types.

How to use the Maryland Center for Construction and Education Innovation Map

The Education & Training Opportunities map helps you quickly, easily find training programs in the construction industry in Maryland. Besides locating programs for you, the map gives you additional information about the programs, such as complete address, contact information, and list of trainings offered.

Map Navigation
There are several ways to move the map, resize the map, and switch views of the map.

Moving the Map with the Mouse
Note that when you roll the mouse over the map, the cursor turns from a pointer to a hand symbol. By left-clicking and holding the hand symbol on the map, you can pan (move) the map from side to side or up and down to see other areas.

You can zoom in by rolling the mouse’s scroll wheel forward, or zoom out by rolling the scroll wheel backward.

Moving the Map with Navigation Tools
Map navigation tools are located on the top left of the map. The circle with arrows inside is a Pan tool. Click the arrows to move the map up, down, or from side to side in pre-measured distances.
Slider Bar
You can use the slider bar below the Pan tool to zoom the map in or out incrementally.
Changing the Map View
The default view of the map is the Map view. You can change the view and some of the map characteristics with tools provided on the map.
Street View
Click and hold the figure below the Pan Tool to change the map to Street View. Click the X in the upper right corner of the map to return to Map view.
In the Map view, hover the mouse over the “Map” choice in the right upper corner of the map and click “Terrain” to show topology. Click “Terrain” again to turn the topology layer off.
Click “Satellite” to change to the Satellite view. The image below shows the Satellite view, with “Labels” clicked to show street names. Satellite View
How to Search for Training Programs
To search for training programs, use the form located to the left of the map, as shown in the graphic below. Steps 1-5 below will guide you through the simple process of finding training programs and facilities in a specified area.
1. To get started, type an address (your home address, for example) in the “Search locations near you” bar. The address will be the point of origin.

2. Choose a radius that is the farthest distance you wish to travel away from the point of origin.

The default radius is 5 miles,but you can choose a larger radius by clicking on the arrow in the radius dropdown box and selecting one of the choices.

3. In the Training Type menu, click the type(s) of training you are interested in.

The Select All link at the bottom lets you check everything to see all of the types of training available within your chosen radius.

4. In the Facility Type menu, click the places or types of program you are interested in.

The Select All link at the bottom lets you check everything to see all of the facilities available within your chosen radius.

5. Click Search. The map will refresh, and your results will appear.

The Clear All link lets you erase all of your choices and start over.

View your Search Results
Here’s an example of a search for High School CTE plumbing programs located within 10 miles of 8000 York Road in Towson, Maryland.

Search Results
Search Again To the left of the map, you can see the number of facilities that meet your search parameters, along with their names, general location, and types of programs. You can also conduct a new search by using the Search Again tab.
On the map, the yellow marker shows the point of origin (8000 York Road). The red markers show the two locations within 10 miles that offer High School CTE training in plumbing.

Notice that when you roll the mouse over the individual search results to the left of the map, the map marker associated with the facility turns from red to green.

Click on the location markers to find the details of the training opportunities. Note that there are two tabs within the search results box. The Facility Info tab gives you the address, contact information, and a link to the facility’s website. Facility Info
The Training Type tab briefly describes types of program offered. Training Type

For information regarding training opportunities, please contact the specific facility. Contact information for the facilities is located in the facility tab found on the map after a search is complete.

Facilities may contact MCCEI directly to update facility and training information. Please call 410.296.6146 or email to submit changes.

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